COVID 19 safe working practice



Please read prior to taking part on our activities.

We will be taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe whilst participating on our sessions.



What you need to know:

Maintain social distancing throughout each session

All equipment provided will have been cleaned and sanitised prior to use.

Wash your hands regularly using soap and hot water whenever possible.  While participating on activities please carry hand gel/sanitiser.

This will be added to our what to bring list as a priority item.

Safety for all of our clients and staff is, as always, paramount.  All activities will be delivered in line with government guidelines relating to Covid 19.  Our risk assessments and safe working practices will allow us to structure the activity accordingly.  We will maintain social distancing guidelines throughout the sessions and if touch contact is required due to safety concerns this will be as brief as possible.

Additionally, wearing of a face covering throughout the session is optional and is at the client’s / staff’s discretion. This item will be added to our what to bring list.

We will minimise the sharing of equipment throughout the activity.

After each session all equipment will be segregated and cleaned using the appropriate products.

Please do not attend if you are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID 19

Read up on and follow current guidelines as directed by government prior to booking